Our Story

How it all started...

The story begins with God.  God called and then lead Apostle Tawanda R. Cevis and Pastor Winston Cevis to start the branch of Zion known as Restoration Tabernacle (RTab).  The first service was held on September 25, 2011.
Apostle Cevis brought the Word with power.  Her sermon was titled “A Spiritual Taste Test-Part 2”.  Many lives were changed for the better during this highly anointed service.  Services then convened at the Wingate Hotel in Belcamp, MD until God lead us to our location in Rising Sun, MD.  
We began beautifying the building in Rising Sun. MD in late December of 2011, and completed the work in late September 2012 (approximately nine full months).
We acquired another building on the premises in November 2012, which we called “The Cave”.  The Cave served as a fellowship hall and meeting place for the youth at RTab and the surrounding community.  It was terribly hard to leave “The Cave” behind with so many fond memories and the magnificent mural that we painted on the wall.

Expanding the vision...

However, to God be the Glory! He enlarged our territory and moved us to a much larger building in Perryville, MD.  We took occupancy of that building on June 13, 2015, and immediately began working on Phase 1 of the renovations.  We completed Phase 1 and were able to have our first service on July 5, 2015.  God in His infinite wisdom and mercy lead Pastor Mary Henry and several of the members from the Lighthouse family to join the RTab family in September 2016.  Pastor Mary Henry was installed as Assistant Pastor of RTab on August 19, 2017. Being the beacon of light that RTab is, God saw fit to move Pastor Maggie Stewart and the Healing Heart Kingdom Center Church under the RTab umbrella in June 2017.  
At the end of 2018, Apostle Cevis shared with the congregation that God was showing her that it was time for RTab to launch even further. God has allowed us to move to our current location, which is an entire campus.  This move allows us to bless our surrounding communities with many more services.  Apostle Cevis did not realize at the time that God was moving us in preparation for a Pandemic.  We moved in our new building in February 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic hit us in March, but God has shown us favor and we have flourished throughout the pandemic. God is continually blessing the RTab family.